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Two souls, one family


The maison

Winery in the heart of the village

Our small “family-owned” company was born in the hearth of Santo Stefano Belbo and gravitates within a house that breathes affinity with the small maison of some Récoltants in Champagne.

Here, in the historic cellar dug in the tuff, dating back to the first half of 1800s, the first bottles of Metodo Classico Sparkling Wine “rest”. In recent times, the winemaking rooms have been moved to an old farmhouse close to the company headquarters, other small enclave in the historic center of the town.

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The roots

Piero, Marco, Alberto and Marina

Marcalberto Winery was born and undertaken its artisanal path in the early 1990s guided by Piero Cane, already affirmed winemaker within the national sparkling wine world. Marco and Alberto, the sons to whom the company name is dedicated, follow in the footsteps of their father Piero and today they actively and scrupulously manage all stages of the production process. Another important role in Marcalberto is that of their mother Marina who is the corporate trait d’union.

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The vineyards

Langa’s Metodo Classico Sparkling Wine.

In the heart of the Langa Astigiana we made the perhaps risky choice to specialize in the production of “Metodo Classico” sparkling wines.

Our vineyards are located within a maximum of 10 kilometer from the winery pressing center, another fundamental aspect for preserving quality. They have different altitudes ranging from 250 to 620 meters above the sea level, and different exposures, so that we can have a gradual harvest and a great variability of the wines.

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The terroir

The beauty of the Langhe

Queste “terre bianche”, caratterizzate da terreni marnoso-calcarei unici al mondo, rappresentano le prerogative fondamentali per la coltivazione dei nostri vitigni: Pinot Nero e Chardonnay.

Un po’ come se la nostra amata terra natale si fosse messa a disposizione della nostra passione vitivinicola. Perché, citando il nostro illustre compaesano Cesare Pavese, “finchè si avranno passioni non si cesserà di scoprire il mondo”. Dal 2014 queste zone sono entrate a far parte della lista del Patrimonio Mondiale UNESCO.