Marcalberto Method

Metodo Classico by vocation




Purchased directly in the Champagne area, the Coquard “marmonnier” press has been a leader in grape pressing for decades. Widely used in France, especially by small maison, it is the first and only model still present in Italy. This tool allows a better squeezing softness, thus obtaining clearer musts. When tradition proves to be the best innovation.


The skillful use of the woods

The use of wooden barrels of various dimensions, from barrique to large barrel, for the first fermentation and the subsequent aging of both varieties, accompanies our enological and stylistic orientation from the very first vinifications. Carefully selected wood, of various passages, experienced not exclusively as a container, but as a thing that confers an identity evolution of wine.

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No sulphites added

During a summer evening, we were inspired by a particular bottle of Champagne. From that spakle, a challenge with ourselves began: create a sparkling wine with no sulphites added also in our winery. It took years of experimentations, in which we traveled many untracked roads, before being able to put it on the market. This is the first Italian Metodo Classico Sparkling Wine with no sulphites added serially produced. Having found the path, it was possible for us to considerably reduce the sulphite content of all the other wines, helping to add authenticity and crystalline energy.

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Asti Metodo Classico Sparkling Wine

The return to the origins

Born and raised in the homeland of Cesare Pavese, but in particular in the homeland of Moscato Bianco from Canelli, we could not fail to undertake a path with this grape variety. More than experimentation, it was once again a return to tradition, when this wine was made sparkling with second fermentation in bottle. We have tried, in our small, to make a contribution to this grape variety, which in these extraordinary lands expresses its full potential.

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