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Asti Metodo Classico


It is a product born from Moscato Bianco grapes, most widespread variety of this area, where it best expresses all its qualities. As regards to the winemaking, we go back to the origins by resuming the tradition of the second half of the 19th century, before the advent of the Martinotti method, when the wine was submitted to the sparkling process with the second fermentation in bottle. It is a wine characterized by great vitality and a not cloying sweetness, features that make it ideal both for the consumption and the food matches.

Grape variety

Moscato Bianco 100%

Harvest time

Beginning of September

Residual sugar

circa 120 g/l (sweet)

Organoleptic features

From the olfactory point of view, it is revealed through a unique aromaticity, where the reference to the grape of Moscato, from which it comes, presented in all its articulated bouquet: apple, pear, light rind of cedar, fresh sponge cake and a faded substrate of sage.



Training system



Marly and calcareous exposed to the south (typical “Sorì” piedmontese) with very strong slopes

The method


The harvest is entirely manual. The whole bunches pressing is soft with a traditional Coquard press, with fractionation of the various pressing phases and low grape/must yields. The alcoholic fermentation begins in steel tanks and then it is stopped, by cold, at a few alcoholic degrees carried out. Addition of yeasts and restarting of fermentation in bottle, according to Metodo Classico.

The choice of packaging

A package for everyone

In addition to give a unique packaging to every single product, our company has decided to create specific boxes for each type of bottle. The box, made by a paper industry, will evoke the shades of the various labels, with the aim of helping customers during the exhibitions and above all in retail.

Marcalberto Experience

The world of Marcalberto

Marcalberto Experience is the synthesis of what our company can offer today. An elegant wooden and plexiglass box that can contain four types of Metodo Classico Sparkling Wines chosen directly by you. With Marcalberto Experience you can try the “sum” of our work, kept in an original box, which includes the various souls of our production.

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